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首家A股上市期貨公司 | 股票代碼:603093
Nanhua Data Services Introduction One-Stop Solution International Contracts 20220222(2022.03) One-Stop Solution Overseas Intermediary 202202 (2022.03) QFII Inbound One-Stop Solution 20220222(2022.03)


  • HKFE Exchange Participant/Futures Commission Merchant
  • HKCC Clearing Participant
  • APEX trading member and clearing member
  • SGX derivatives market trading member and clearing member
  • CME Group clearing member (including CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX)
  • DME clearing member
  • ICE US clearing member
  • ZCE: trading/clearing member
  • DCE trading/clearing member
  • SHFE: general clearing member
  • CFFEX: trading/clearing member
  • INE: trading/clearing member


  • Brokerage Business
  • 23 years of professional experience in providing: financial futures services for China Financial Futures Exchange; commodity futures delivering services for Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange; brokerage services in stock options forShanghai Stock Exchange.
  • Asset Management
  • Professional and efficient quantitative Listed Open-Ends hedge funds, shareholding increase of large shareholders and employees stock ownership plan in listed company, Fund of Funds products.
  • Mutual fund
  • Fund raising, fund sales, asset management, specific customer asset management and other business permitted by CSRC.
  • Combination of business in futures and spot markets
  • Combination of business in futures and spot markets is the key way to optimize resource allocation and to achieve effective integration of the industrial chain. The integration of trade and finance mainly includes basis transaction, warehouse receipt service, cooperation hedging and pricing services.
  • OTC Derivatives
  • Finance promotes industry – a new wisdom strategy. Through diversified product design and strategic services, the company provides innovative service such as adjusting inventory, activating fund utilization rate, managing sales price, keeping inventory value, locking up order profit, and increasing value of warehouse receipts.
  • Wealth Management
  • Nanhua Fortune is a comprehensive wealth management platform owned by Nanhua Futures. Based on Nanhua’s 23-year risk management experience in financial derivatives market, Nanhua Fortune tailors financial solutions for clients with understanding of their needs and risk tolerance and by utilizing different derivative products. Nanhua Fortune aims at becoming first-tier expert in hedge fund asset allocation.


World-Class network facilities:

Hangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chicago, Singapore, London.

Efficient IT development team:

We have many in-house developed trading and management systems with high efficiency, stability and security

Experienced IT operation and maintenance team:

Our 7*24 IT services make sure the network and systems operate stable

Professional technology support team:

We help our clients resolve the IT related issues in time


Outstanding Market Contribution Award from Shanghai International Energy Exchange

Zhejiang Financial Institutions Innovation Award

Zhejiang Financial Supporter of Zhejiang Economic and Social Development Third Prize

Top 20 Zhejiang Financial Institutions

Advanced Workers ’Home of Hangzhou Federation of Trade Unions

Key Financial Enterprise of Hangzhou Shangcheng District

Shanghai Futures Exchange Trading Members Award

Dalian Commodity Exchange Outstanding Members Gold Award, Innovation Service Award, Best Technical Support Award

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange Outstanding Market Development Award, Outstanding Service Award

China Financial Futures Exchange Outstanding Member Gold Award, The Most Trusted Futures Company of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Association

China's Best Futures Agency & Best Futures Analyst: China's Best Futures Company, China’s Futures Research Institute Gold Award, China’s Futures Company Management Team Gold Award, The Best Oversea Futures Service Award

China's Futures Market Brand Value Rank: Top 10 Futures Company Brand

FOW “The World of Futures and Options” Asia Award: The Best Futures Company of The Year

China's Best Wealth Management Agency: China's Best Futures Investment Consulting Institution,China's Best Futures Subsidiary in Risk Management

Lead the Chinese Advance Evaluation: Outstanding Financial Innovation Award

Capital Strength?Brand Influence Evaluation: Distinguished Service Award

The Ceremony of Poverty Alleviation Pioneers in China's Capital Market: the Poverty Alleviation Pioneer of 2018, the Best ‘’County to County” Pairing Assistance Case Award

Poverty Alleviation Evaluation of Chinese Securities and Futures Company: the the Best ‘’County to County” Pairing Assistance Project Award, the Best Educational Poverty Alleviation Project Award